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The Camera+ App allows for immediate editing and offers a plethora of special effects, making your phone a much more realistic alternative to a compact camera.


A fun desktop app for Windows and Mac PCs that turns your photos into old-fashioned polaroids.


Jon Canfield aims to dispel complexity of Raw conversion, but the majority of the examples and tutorials urgently need updating to be worthwhile for most readers.


Fashion and beauty photographer Bruno Bisang has put together a collection of beautiful polaroids taken throughout his career, proving that the choice of camera can be the least important part…


An A-Z compilation of iconic images from Vogue's 90-year history, taken by some of the world's greatest fashion photographers.


Nat Coalson guides you through nature photography and covers all aspects from inspiration to composition, making it accessible for beginners as well as experts.


Were you one of the many viewers of Channel Four's My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding? Then you will love Iain McKell's rendition of modern day, new age travellers.


A practical guide that explains everything from styling and clothes to sets, lighting and posing for sexy photos of women.


Alex Webb takes you on a chronological journey through three decades of photojournalism, illustrating social turmoil and cultural tension - in colour.


Pieter Hugo illustrates how the poor of the third world make a living picking through our e-waste. Makes you think twice before upgrading your laptop.

Weather Wonders

A visual delight, Weather Wonders describes the benefits, opportunities, intricacies and changeability of weather for landscape photographers.


Tom Ang guides aspiring photographers through a number of tips and techniques to improve their images. Perfect for beginners.


Photographer Chris Bucher guides you through a range of black and white subjects and provides useful information, but the layout could have been slightly more visually engaging.


The perfect online example of Nat Geo's creative enterprise, displaying hundreds of stunning natural history photographs.


Create mini presentations with your personal pictures, videos, text and audio wih this free of charge, userfriendly App.


How good is the camera on the HTC HD2 mobile phone? The HTC HD2 review finds out...


Our rating:  40%

Michael Freeman's successful series of Complete Guides looks at the art of black and white photography in its entirety; from its greatest exponents to its applications in the digital age


Our rating:  88%