Michael Freeman's successful series of Complete Guides looks at the art of black and white photography in its entirety; from its greatest exponents to its applications in the digital age

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The Complete Guide to Black and White Photography


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Title: The Complete Guide to Black and White Photography

Author: Michael Freeman


Publisher: Ilex


Review: With the advent of black and white capture modes, as well as one-click black and white conversions in post-production, it’s easy to lose sight of the origin and art that is black and white photography. Although there was a time when it was the only capture format possible, black and white processing used to be an art form in itself.

This is a point that Michael Freeman addresses in The Complete Guide to Black and White Digital Photography. The title begins by covering ‘the black and white tradition’ in photography, and how it was previously treated. The title quickly moves on to the nuts and bolts of digital black and white conversions, while discussing various theories alongside practical tips on how to achieve the look in post-production. The book finishes on printing that, as Freeman explains, is as much of the art the capture itself.

The Complete Guide… is perfect at showing that there is far more to black and white photography than simply pressing the black and white button on your camera, and as such is perfect for those looking to get more from the subject.What Digital Camera Score: 88%