A portrait of the Big Cat's fight for survival against extinction

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Tiger: Lord of the Jungle


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Title: Tiger: Lord of the Jungle

Author: Alain Pons and Francois Moutou

ISBN: 978-1-901268-40-9

Publisher: Evans Mitchell Books


Review: There is something about ‘Big Cats’ that grabs the attention of the general public, whether it’s the fact that they’re the bigger relations of our own domesticated animals, or the mystique of their exoticism, lions and tigers have long held a standing in popular culture though, in the case of the latter, their very existence is under threat.

Tiger: Lord of the Jungle highlights these concerns – today the tiger occupies just 7% of its original range, with numbers rapidly diminishing. The tiger is on the road to extinction, however Lord of the Jungle is aimed at highlighting the habitat and life of the tiger with a hope of preventing this extinction.

The photography of Alain Pons throughout the title is eye-catching, and does a fantastic job at humanising these mythical cats, and hopefully the title as a whole goes some way to preserving their existence. What Digital Camera Score: 85%