How good is the camera on the HTC HD2 mobile phone? The HTC HD2 review finds out...

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Overall score:40%


  • Large screen, sleek design


  • Image quality, Windows OS




Price as reviewed:


HTC ND2 key specs:

Camera: 5MP AF w/ LED flash

Processor: 1GHz Snapdragon

Display: 4.3in TFT, 480 x 800pixels

Memory: 448GB, MicroSD expansion

Dimensions: 59 x 113.5 x 12.9mm, 135g

HTC ND2 camera phone review

When Apple stole the show with the iPhone, HTC was one of the few companies that was credited with keeping up to speed. The main reason for this was that it offered handsets that delivered on style and eye-catching design, while also innovating with regards to usability and the general user experience. The HD2 is the only Windows phone on test – an interface that features several eye-catching assets.

The HD2 features the largest touchscreen out of all of those on test, measuring some 4.3in and offering a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. While only 448MB of storage is offered on-board, the HD2 supports MicroSD cards so this is readily expandable. The graphical interface, as with other HTC devices, is unique and eye-catching, with a host of easily adopted features to suit the user.

The imaging side of the device is certainly on the more basic side. A 5MP sensor is supported by autofocus and LED flash, though this is about the extent of it.

HD video is unfortunately missing, though the 4.3in screen is quite something – even though it’s not the highest-resolution one on test, it’s a pleasure to use and is really well suited to framing and capturing photographs.

HTC ND2 image quality

HTC HD2 sample image

Image: Photograph taken with the HTC HD2 mobile phone camera

Images produced with the HTC HD2 are the poorest out of the group. White balance is unreliable in the extreme, while the handset’s processing manages to blur and smudge any instances of fine detail.