Photographer Chris Bucher guides you through a range of black and white subjects and provides useful information, but the layout could have been slightly more visually engaging.

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Black and White Digital Photography


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Title: Black and White Digital Photography Photo Workshop

Author: Chris Bucher

ISBN: 0470421932

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Edition: Paperback

Black and white is a lovely medium to work in, but there can be many considerations to take into account and learn. Black and White Digital Photography by Chris Bucher aims to guide you through a range of subjects, from pre-visualisation of a mono image, camera set-up, tone and contrast, as well as a range of Photoshop processes.

There’s no denying there’s plenty of information here, but the layout and the way the advice is delivered is not that engaging or visual. Some illustrative images don’t cut it, while the layout tends to give very little prominence to photography, to produce what feels like a very dry, textbook-like guide, rather than an inspiring book to learn from.