A visual delight, Weather Wonders describes the benefits, opportunities, intricacies and changeability of weather for landscape photographers.

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Weather Wonders


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Title: Weather Wonders: Incredible Clouds and Weather Events from Above and Below

Author: Gordon Higgins

ISBN: 1446300536

Publisher: David & Charles

Edition: Paperback


As any landscape photographer will attest, weather not only provides some of the most striking imagery when shooting, but can also ruin a day in the field at the drop of a hat.

Weather Wonders documents the intricacies and changeability of weather, from both above – namely satellite imagery – and more conventional point-of-view images from the surface of our planet.

The book is a visual delight, with ample space given to the stunning images of everything from lightning to clouds, plus those weather systems as viewed from above. The book is also a useful guide to the clouds you might encounter whilst out shooting, and what to expect when you see them coming your way.