A free app for photo-enthusiasts offering both topical news images and amazing landscape and wildlife pics.

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The Guardian Eyewitness for Ipad


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If you’ve got an iPad and you enjoy looking at outstanding photography then The Guardian’s Eyewitness app should be one of the first on your shopping list, especially since it’s free.

The concept is so simple – Eyewitness publishes one picture a day, and the app presents the 100 most recent ones. The pictures are usually topical and often depict hard news or reportage stories but there are also amazing landscape and wildlife images too.

Each picture has in its corner a panel containing the caption on one side and, when flipped over, a relevant photography tip on the other. By tapping the image, the panel and all the navigational items (including the Canon sponsorship logo) disappear so that you can fully appreciate the image.

You can run the app as a slideshow, save your favourites and even post them to Facebook, and each day you open it, the newest shots are added and the oldest drop off the back end. No iPad should be without this app.