Were you one of the many viewers of Channel Four's My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding? Then you will love Iain McKell's rendition of modern day, new age travellers.

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The New Gypsies


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Title: The New Gypsies

Author: Iain McKell

ISBN: 3791345192

Publisher: Prestel

Edition: Hardcover

Channel Four’s recent series My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding was one of the most successful in the channel’s history, so this new book has come along at a fortuitous time.

It’s subject is not gypsies as such but new age travellers – those who have dropped out of mainstream society to pursue a nomadic life in vans, buses and horsedrawn caravans. They’re a group who live in our midst but we know little about them. They tend to be regarded with hostility but McKell’s more sympathetic eye portrays a lifestyle that’s harsh but also in some way romantic. There’s a simplicity and a sense of being in touch with nature, that most of us have lost.

Although there are few great individual shots, the sum is greater than the parts and social documentary photography fans will find much to enjoy.