An A-Z compilation of iconic images from Vogue's 90-year history, taken by some of the world's greatest fashion photographers.

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Vogue Model: The faces of Fashion


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Title: Vogue Model: The faces of Fashion

Author: Robin Derrick and Robin Muir

ISBN: 1408702533

Publisher: Little, Brown

Edition: Hardcover

This book sells itself. It’s an A-Z compilation of short biographies and iconic images of legendary models from Vogue’s 90-year history (including Twiggy, Shrimpton, Jerry Hall, Cindy Crawford and current faves like Lily Cole and Kate Moss) taken by some of the world’s greatest fashion photographers, such as Beaton, Bailey, Demarchelier and Ritts. Not sold? I give up.

Personally I love the combination of physical beauty and exquisite photography, whether it’s the carefully lit and elegantly posed formal studies by the likes of Irving Penn, or some of the more spontaneous, natural light candid style shots favoured by people like Mario Testino. I’m not bothered by the clothes but of course there’s that too for the fashion lovers among you. The only criticism is that a few of the picture choices seem odd – there are many better pictures of Iman than the ones used here, for example – and there could have been many more of them.