Create mini presentations with your personal pictures, videos, text and audio wih this free of charge, userfriendly App.

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Leading publish-your-own book specialist Blurb has gone mobile with this new iPhone app. It enables users to combine pictures, video, text and audio to create mini presentations for uploading to social media sites such as Facebook.

Whereas books are static and silent, the ability to incorporate sound and movement in BlurbMobile ‘stories’ has more in common with Powerpoint than anything you’d find in Waterstones.

The app is easy to use. First, create a Story, then import your photos and video clips. Pressing the edit button lets you rearrange the order as well as crop, rotate, add captions and audio annotations to each one simply by tapping the appropriate icon. You also have a choice of seven background themes to choose from. When you’re done hit the Share button to publish your result online.

It takes seconds to create a presentation and, although the creative options are limited, there’s enough to enable you to create something more interesting to show your mates than just your bog-standard gallery of still images. The free version limits you to eight stills, eight 10sec audio clips and one 10sec video, while the full app upgrade (£1.19) gives you 15 images, three 30sec videos, 2min audio clip capacity and 15 themes.

BlurbMobile is simple and fun, and an extra creative tool on your phone for pimping up your photos.