Alex Webb takes you on a chronological journey through three decades of photojournalism, illustrating social turmoil and cultural tension - in colour.

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The suffering of light


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Title: The Suffering of Light: Thirty Years of Photographs

Author: Alex Webb

ISBN: 0500543976

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Edition: Hardcover

Magnum photographer Alex Webb has been working as a photojournalist for nearly 40 years and, unlike some of his peers, has been shooting in colour for the bulk of this time. It’s this bulk, amounting to over 30 years of his career, on which The Suffering of Light focuses.

Webb’s work has taken him all around the globe, to places of social turmoil and cultural tension, and Webb himself confesses that this vibrant world was one best set to colour.

The Suffering of Light runs chronologically through these past 30 years of Webb’s career, and the aforementioned journey through both cultural and chromatic vibrancy. No matter what the situation, Webb displays an eye for spotting an opportunity for a striking image even in the mundane.

Throughout the title, single images tell complete stories that seem to capture the mood of the scene, often utilising the light and shadow in a scene to highlight what he wants the viewer to focus on.