How to shoot Twilight – Useful Accessories

Remote Release

How to Shoot Twilight - AccessoriesAvoids jerking the camera when you press the shutter, so helps produce sharper pictures.


Essential to get sharp shots from long exposures.

Lens Hood

Helps reduce the risk of flare from street lighting and spotlights shining into your lens from oblique angles outside the frame.

Neutral Density Grads

How to Shoot Twilight - AccessoriesWith night landscapes the sky can be much brighter than the ground. ND filters can be used to darken the sky so you can balance its brightness level to match the foreground. They come in various strengths and can also be combined for stronger effects.


Helps you see what you’re doing, and adjust the camera settings more easily. Also helps with focusing in the dark.


How to Shoot Twilight - AccessoriesWhile on-camera flash is a no-no, a targeted burst of flash from a handheld flashgun during a long exposure can be used to lift unlit shadow areas of, say, a foreground or building.

Spare Batteries

In case you get caught short. Long exposures consume more batter power.

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