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Flickr tools
Enhance your Flickr experience with one of these software tools, toys, games and utilities…
Because Flickr’s API (program code) is freely available to all, software developers everywhere have come up with hundreds of little programs to add functionality to the basic Flickr experience. Here’s a (tiny) selection:

Keep tabs on Flickr members who interest you. Can be set to monitor Flickr’s ‘interestingness’ photos
Badge Maker: Make your own Flickr badge
Bubblr: Create comic strips using Flickr photos
Captioner: Add comic-style captions to photos
DeskFlickr: Rotates Flickr pics as desktop wallpaper
DxO Lighting: Image enhancements using DxO technology
Fastr: A game where you’re shown pictures from Flickr and have to guess the tag
Flickeur: Makes video clips out of Flickr images
Flickr Color Picker: Click on a colour, and it finds and shows photos containing that colour
Flickr Rainbow: Displays images tagged with colours of the rainbow
Flickr Soduku: Play soduku with Flickr images
Flickr World Map: Mouse over a city on this world map and it scans for photos tagged with that city
Flickrball: A six-degrees-of-separation game, using Flickr thumbnails and tags for clues.
Flyr: Search Flickr for geotagged photos….
FlickrFly: …then ‘fly’ to that location in Google Earth
GoodWidgets: Loads of widgets to enhance slideshows, including Bounce, which creates springy transitions
Hockneyiser: Create a David Hockney style collage
Magazine Cover: Make magazine covers from
your flickr photos
Mosaic Maker: Make a square or rectangular mosaic from a photoset or individual images
Motivator: Create motivational posters, complete with quotations
Notifyr: Get email notifications whenever new images are added by selected contacts
Retrievr: Drawing a simple sketch and it finds pictures that most resemble it
Slickr: Screensaver slideshow of Flickr photos
TagMan: A hangman game using Flickr tags
Top Cameras: Top 100 cameras used by Flickr members, based on EXIF data taken from uploaded photos. Current Number One (at time of going to press) is the Nikon D80
Warholiser: Create Warhol-style pop art from your Flickr pics

All these Flickr tools (and many more) can be found at these websites:

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