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Is the Panasonic LX7 the best pocket-sized compact for enthusiasts? We find out in the What Digital Camera Panasonic LX7 review


Our rating:  91%

The Panasonic Lumix FZ62, or FZ60 as it’s known in some territories, is the latest addition to Panasonic's successful range of bridge cameras. The model features an impressive focal range…


Our rating:  89%

Panasonic want the G5 to rival the current crop of mid-price DSLRs. Does it deliver enough? We find out in the What Digital Camera Panasonic G5 review


Our rating:  89%

Another addition to Panasonic's lifestyle FX range, the FX80 blends a bright zoom lens with a touchscreen display. But does it stand out in an already crowded market? What Digital…


Our rating:  79%

Panasonic's TZ series of compact cameras have long been the go-to option for those looking for a compact camera to take on their travels. The TZ25 is a stripped-down version…


Our rating:  89%

In a competitive field where many manufacturers are focusing the bulk of their research and development budgets, it takes a real gem of a camera to stand out. In scooping…


Our rating:  89%

Panasonic’s Lumix SZ1 Ultra Compact looks an impressive package with its 10x optical zoom lens and 16-megapixel sensor, but is it? What Digital Camera finds out.


Our rating:  89%

The Panasonic Lumix GF5 is the latest compact system camera based on the Micro Four Thirds standard. Boasting a 12MP sensor, touch screen LCD and a range of effects filters…


With a specification laden with lifeproof capabilities and high-end Panasonic imaging tools, the FT4 promises to be one of the best tough cameras on the market: but how does it…


Our rating:  88%

Small body, big zoom: is Panasonic's TZ30 the best travel zoom on the market? The What Digital Camera TZ30 review takes a look...


Our rating:  90%

The GX1 carries over all the goodness from the G3 and squeezes it into a reimagined GF1-style body. Can the GX1 offer the ultimate Compact System Camera experience? The What…


Our rating:  90%

See what we think of the Panasonic LUMIX FX90 in our What Digital Camera review


Our rating:  86%

A budget-concious compact, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS16 has a number of impressive features. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS16 review follows....


Our rating:  85%

See what we think of the Panasonic LUMIX S3 in our What Digital Camera review


Our rating:  85%

If you're looking for a small and simple compact camera which maintains a quality look and feel, you can't go far wrong with Panasonic's Lumix FS series. The FS35 is…


Our rating:  84%

Superzoom with super-fast focus - is the Panasonic Lumix FZ150 the ultimate 24x superzoom? What Digital Camera puts the Lumix FZ150 on test...


Our rating:  90%

One of the latest compacts equipped with touch-shooting, the FS37 also packs in an 8x optical zoom and high resolution sensor. The What Digital Camera review of the Panasonic Lumix…


Our rating:  83%

With a slim body and a large touchscreen the FX77 is quite the looker, but do its results fare as well? The What Digital Camera Panasonic Lumix FX77 review finds…


Our rating:  88%

The Panasonic FZ48 adds super-fast autofocus to the already impressive FZ-series feature set. How does the latest 24x Lumix superzoom perform? The What Digital Camera Panasonic Lumix FZ48 review...


Our rating:  89%