How to make Panospheres ? Shooting!


Step One

As we’re on a budget, there’s no tripod. The goal is to make a 360º panorama by turning through equal rotations. Ensure ample overlap between shots. To gain maximum ‘height’, shoot with your camera in the portrait orientation using the widest possible lens to get the most in the frame, keeping the horizon level at all times.


How to make Panospheres ? on a budget!


Step Two

Composition isn’t the same as a single frame photograph either. You’ll need lots of plain foreground and sky in each frame to ensure your subject sits off the face of your panosphere. Try to get your head into the zone and think about the final composition.

How to make Panospheres ? on a budget!

Step Three

Shooting must be consistent. Ensure your exposure is manually controlled in order for matching frames; use as small an aperture as possible to maintain the broadest depth of field possible; manually focus the same focal plane per shot and keep the horizon horizontally level. However, get creative and it’s even possible to make a panosphere from one single image. 


How to make Panospheres ? on a budget!


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