While Photoshop CS3 may not have been ideally suited to the photographer, CS4 sees a change in emphasis for Adobe

Product Overview

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Overall score:92%


  • Tabbed interface, Content-aware scaling, Camera Raw enhancements, Adjustments Panel


  • Still very expensive, OpenGL


Adobe Photoshop CS4

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The first major change that strikes you when you start CS4 is the changes to the interface. Adobe has taken a lead from current web-browsing trends and has decided to integrate a tabbed user interface, so, say if you are editing four images at the same time, they can now be combined within the same window, rather than four separate windows, and as such tidies up your workspace.

There is also now an ‘arrange documents’ button that organises the images back into their separate windows, but in a range of convenient set-ups, such as an evenly distributed ‘4-up’. Besides the tabbed innovation and tiling options sits fully integrated workspace shifting, allowing quick hopping between Adobe-family products, such as Lightroom, InDesign and the like.

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Interface
  3. 3. Adjustments Panel
  4. 4. Masking Overhaul
  5. 5. Better RAW Image Processing
  6. 6. Open GL
  7. 7. Verdict
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