While Photoshop CS3 may not have been ideally suited to the photographer, CS4 sees a change in emphasis for Adobe

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Overall score:92%


  • Tabbed interface, Content-aware scaling, Camera Raw enhancements, Adjustments Panel


  • Still very expensive, OpenGL


Adobe Photoshop CS4

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Better RAW Image Processing

Camera Raw, now version five, is an area that sees, some may say, a much-needed facelift and improvements made upon previous versions.

Users can now apply localised adjustments and gradients, alongside other similar tools using brushes, meaning that the new Camera Raw has a lot of Photoshop familiarity to it, rather then seeming like some strange standalone feature.

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Interface
  3. 3. Adjustments Panel
  4. 4. Masking Overhaul
  5. 5. Better RAW Image Processing
  6. 6. Open GL
  7. 7. Verdict
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