While Photoshop CS3 may not have been ideally suited to the photographer, CS4 sees a change in emphasis for Adobe

Product Overview

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Overall score:92%


  • Tabbed interface, Content-aware scaling, Camera Raw enhancements, Adjustments Panel


  • Still very expensive, OpenGL


Adobe Photoshop CS4

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Much as Google has become synonymous with web browsing, Hoover with vacuum cleaners and Tannoy with public address systems, Photoshop’s status as the market-leading image-editing software means many people view it as the only option when it comes to editing your shots.

However, the image-editing market is now awash with alternatives to the Adobe beast, with Adobe themselves offering the alternatives of the more-stripped-down Photoshop Elements and the increasingly popular Lightroom. So, whereabouts does Adobe’s latest incarnation of the famous software sit? What new ground does CS4 break, and what exactly does all the extra cash get you?

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Interface
  3. 3. Adjustments Panel
  4. 4. Masking Overhaul
  5. 5. Better RAW Image Processing
  6. 6. Open GL
  7. 7. Verdict
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