NV24HD Samsungu2019s first HD digital camera

As the first in a series of launches, Samsung has announced the launch of the 10MP NV24HD ? the first Samsung digital camera to offer HD technology.

The latest camera in the ?NV? series boasts similar styling and functionality to the rest of the range ? including dual picture stabilisation integrating both digital and optical stabilisation technology, Advanced Shake Reduction to 0.7 seconds, advanced noise reduction up to ISO 3200 and local contrast control.

The main selling point of the NV24HD, however, is its HD capabilities. 720p resolution video can be recorded up to 30fps, and the camera?s High Definition Multimedia Interface delivers crystal-clear images and movies though a single cable. The NV24HD even comes with a remote control for use with compatible Samsung TV?s!

The NV24HD will retail at £249 and will be available from March 2008. For more information, visit www.samsungcamera.co.uk