u2018NVu2019 range bolstered with three new additions

Samsung has announced the further expansion of its ever-growing ?NV? series in the shape of the NV4, NV30 and NV40.

The three compacts continue the NV trend of combining innovative technology with user-friendly features, and with that in mind all sport the award-winning Smart Touch user interface ? a combination between buttons and a touch sensitive interface allowing easy control and navigation.

The NV4 picks up where the NV3 left off, combining an 8MP, 3x zoom camera with on-board PMP capabilities to form a cutting-edge convergence device.

At 8MP and 10MP respectively, the NV30 and NV40 boast specifications at the higher end of their class. Both models possess Advance Shake Reduction, maximum ISO 3200, Red-Eye Fix technology and a 2.5in intelligent LCD screen that automatically detects environmental lighting and adjusts to suit.

All three models will be available from February, with the NV4 at £149, NV30 at £179 and the NV40 at £199. For more information, visit www.samsungcamera.co.uk