This year, for the first time, What Digital Camera is at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It’s the world’s largest show dedicated to gadgets from phones and SatNav to TVs and and Hi-Fi – and of course digital cameras.

CES 2010 logoUsually we go to the photo-specific PMA show held around March time but there has been an increasing trend for camera manufacturers to launch major new products at CES, hence our presence.

We we’re extremely lucky to have flown out on Tuesday before the snow rolled in and closed Gatwick, and I’m currently sitting writing this in the considerably comfy surroundings of the city’s newest hotel, The Aria – part of the billion dollar City Center complex on the strip (as seen above from my window).
It’s a lovely hotel but I must say that the entire development, with its cold steel and glass curves, looks horribly out of place on the strip. It’s as though someone has dumped the business district from any one of a dozen big cities right on the strip, and it has lost a little of its unique charm as a result.

Anyway, that’s enough of that, what about the new gear? Well although the show hasn’t started yet some new products have already been announced. The headline of course is the long-awaited Samsung NX10, the first line in the company’s new hybrid system of small, interchangeable lens cameras that aims to challenge Olympus/Panasonic’s Micro Four-Thirds system.
Sony has launched a surprise new DSLR in the Alpha 450, and Canon has also announced some new cameras and a lens.

I’ll be getting my hands on all these new products and reporting back over the next few days. There are also several press conferences today, which we’ll be going along to so there’s bound to be more see later on.