See if you can beat our best score and stand the chance of winning a trip to New York for good measure.

Looking for a way to get through your Friday? Nikon might have just the website for you. Their latest viral promotion involves a flash game where you’re confronted with three different scenarios, and in each you have to take a range of photos – from smiles of the beach to avoiding blinks in a family portrait.

Nikon Coolpix viral | Blog | What Digital Camera


Not only is the game a great way to get through your Friday, but every time you complete the course you’ll be entered into a prize draw. One daily winner will scoop a Nikon Coolpix S220, while an overall winner of the grand prize draw, decided on the 22nd December, will scoop a once-in-a-lifetime trip to New York.

But, prizes aside, why don’t you see if you can beat the current WDC office top score of 1624? Head over to the Nikon Coolpix game page, have a go and let us know how you do below…