Team What Digital Moustache raise over a grand by growing moustaches in support of The Prostate Cancer Charity as part Movember 2009...

As Movember (the month formerly known as November) draws to a close, the WDC office is laden with ‘tache-bearing staff. Even the girls have joined in. Of course it’s all been for a good cause and, thanks to our finely preened facial fuzz, we’ve been sponsored by umpteen family, friends, and even the odd smattering of corporate sponsorship too.

As of today we’ve broken the £1000 mark – a great, landmark sum. Every penny of the money will go to The Prostate Cancer Charity and we’ll be attending the London Movember Gala Parte to show our ongoing support too. It’s been a long journey, and an itchy one. The perils of which only other Movemberers will comprehend – and for this we salute you one and all.

It’s still possible to donate to our team by visiting my Movember page. And, just to add to the incentive, here’s our sort of of ‘Queen-meets-sleazy-American-sitcom’ style Movember group shot from the other week:

Movember team photo What Digital Moustache

 Above: Earlier in the month (clockwise from top left) Paul, Michael, Mat, Mike

We laughed and, on the whole, I think it’s been a great thing to take part in changing the face of men’s health. We’ll try to get final shots up at the beginning of next week for some extra giggles too. Though, it has to be said, I doubt any of us will be crying come Tuesday morning when once again, finally, the skin of our top lips will be free to kiss the air of a cool winter’s morning…

Big fuzzy, facial haired love from the What Digital Moustache team and thanks for all the support. It’s still possible to donate to our team by visiting my Movember page (which also happens to have a micro blog of events and a couple of photos too). ‘Til next year!