If you've got a spare hour, or ten, you may want to try and beat the WDC office's Lumix Golf high score, it's a good'un...

It’s not always just about the cameras. Well, sort of. Some manufacturers are going to great lengths to promote products, and a current favourite (certainly mine at least) is Panasonic’s absurdly addictive Lumix Golf.


Based on crazy golf, there are 18 holes at varying levels of difficulty. And it’s not easy, but it’ll keep you coming back for more, which is more than can be said for a number of online freebies. Seriously, try it, love it and, most importantly, see if you can beat the WDC top score of 27 under par. You can screen grab and post your results in the WDC Forum to get a bit of competition going on. Oh yes, we’re the daddies, and here’s the proof:


WDC Panasonic Lumix Golf High Score