A directory of magazine, newspaper, picture agencies and card and calendar companies to sell photos to

Title: The Freelance Photographers Market Handbook 2008

Author: John Tracy, Stewart Gibson

ISBN: 0907297595

Publisher: BFP Books

Edition: Paperback

Review: If you’ve just invested a small fortune in a DSLR, lenses, flashguns etc, there is a fine chance that you would be interested in making it cover a small amount of the outlay. The Freelance Photographer’s Market Handbook could well be the perfect first step in earning some cold, hard cash from your photos. Now in its 24th year of publication, the handbook provides information on how to go about plying your trade as a freelance photographer and photojournalist. Five major markets for selling your pictures – magazines, newspapers, book publishers, picture agencies and print companies – are listed with contact details for each individual avenue supplied, assuring that you have the right contact to pitch your photos and work. All in all, the handbook is a definitive and essential guide to anyone looking to make their camera work for them.

What Digital Camera Score: 90%