Twelve professional photographers in Iceland give this tutorial book a sense of adventure


Title: Photoshop Lightroom Adventure

Author: Mikkel Aaland

ISBN: 059610099X

Publisher: OReilly

Edition: Paperback

Review: Tutorial books can, in all honesty, be a bit dry. This is probably because the key goal in any ‘how to’ book is to inform and instruct, ahead of entertain and amuse. However, Mikkel Aaland’s Photoshop Lightroom Adventure livens the subject matter with a genuine story, complete with breathtaking images. Aaland assembled a selection of 12 professional photographers and five Adobe team members and whisked them away to Iceland to road test Lightroom.

Aaland guides the reader through Lightroom from Workspace to Web gallery, interspersing sections with Icelandic double-page scenes captured by some of the best in the business and accompanied by genuinely interesting and informative captions. Photoshop Lightroom Adventure is both a pleasure to read and a first-class guide to the “next-generation tool for digital photographers”.

What Digital Camera Score: 94%