Novices are taken on a gradual learning curve to advanced photography

Title: Collins Complete Photography Manual

Author: NA

ISBN: 0007243944

Publisher: Collins

Edition: HB

Review: Recently bought yourself a camera, yet you don’t really know what to do with it? Been taking photographs for a while but still don’t know your Joule from your Kelvin? Then maybe Collins Complete Photography Manual is the book for you. The manual begins with a basic introduction to photography pitched at those who may have never even seen a camera before, and proceeds to guide the budding photographer through all comprising elements of the perfect photograph.

Collins Complete Photography Manual is pitched at photographers of all levels, yet its content has a gradual difficulty curve that is more suited to newcomers reading beginning to end rather than advanced photographers. Chapters such as ‘Technicalities and Techniques’ and ‘Advanced Photography’ are more focused, offering an introduction to said areas then actually getting really deep into photography jargon.

Each subsection of a chapter devotes no more than two pages to a specific subject, and while the content is clearly written and well described, and photos are at times striking and clearly illustrative, Collins Complete Photography Manual leaves the reader with a sense that it is skimming the surface somewhat. There are definitely sections that will benefit all standards of photographers, yet the more seasoned among you should look for a more specific title to further your craft.

What Digital Camera Score: 84%