In the world of the tabloid paparazzi, celebrities are fair game...

Title: Alison Jackson – Confidential

Author: Alison Jackson

ISBN: 3822846384

Publisher: Taschen

Edition: HB

Review: In the world of the tabloid paparazzi, celebrities are fair game. The tabs and glossies are constantly exposing the eager public to trashy, titillating pictures that are little more than fuzzy snapshots of Z-list ‘stars’ caught doing incredibly normal things such as shopping, jogging or partying. Alison Jackson’s world, on the other hand, leaves no celebrity, politician or member of the royal family safe. Jackson’s ’Confidential’ is a bumper collection of amazing look-a-likes posing as the uber-famous behaving in a notso- normal manner. Their resemblance can be striking on first glance, with the subjects caught doing things that will make your jaw drop. Be it the Queen sat on the toilet, or Tony Blair in a sauna, Mick Jagger receiving botox injections or rap star Eminem cross dressing, they all reveal what we like to think goes on behind closed doors. Jackson’s style of photography helps reinforce this believable world of hidden snappers with long lenses, out for that million-dollar picture. Whether she adds the blur and grain in the post-production stage or it is achieved incamera is unclear, but then this book is not about clarity or technique, it’s all about parody and fun. Our Verdict A fantastic coffee-table book that will clearly be right at home in the small room too. ‘Confidential’ will be picked up and read by just about everyone. What Digital Camera Score 95%