Review of the Peli 1400 Waterproof case

Manufacturer: Peli
1400 Waterproof
£88.24 +VAT (with foam) and £78 +VAT (without foam)

This waterproof, dustproof, airtight, chemical- and corrosion-resistant container is virtually bombproof.

Lined with high-density foam inside that can be cut to fit your equipment, there’s even an automatic purge valve on the outside to equalise pressure during air travel.

It is perfect for long-haul flights when you are carrying expensive gear or bumpy rides over inhospitable terrain.

Verdict: This bag is built to last and so if you are someone who braves the elements, tough terrain or travels the globe, this is the bag for you

Pros: Tough enough to withstand pretty much you can throw at it

Cons: If this is the type of protection you need, there aren’t any