Review of the Kata 3N1-20 Sling

Manufacturer: Kata
Model: 3N1-20 Sling
Price: £89.95

The camera bag market offers many different design options but one type of bag that is proving more and more popular is the ‘sling’ variety – a type of camera bag that trades on its ability to let you get your camera out as quickly as possible. The Kata 3N1-20 Sling falls into this category.

Kata has always prided itself on making tough kit and this bag is no exception. Security is of the essence here, with a series of four clasps sealing the bag when swung round to your front (as illustrated in the picture). Although this is a great deterrent to thieves, we found that the smaller clasps can be a little fiddly and hard to undo. The zips can be a little confusing too, as between ‘sling’ bag and backpack mode, their uses differ slightly. Practice at using them will rectify this, though.

This bag switches from ‘sling’ bag to backpack with an adjustment of the straps, and has ample room to take a DSLR body, plus two medium-sized lenses and a flashgun. In addition, there is a top compartment that can carry your lunch or an extra layer of kit should you need it. There are also two options to which side you can have the sling strap.


Once you get your head round the different ways of carrying this bag, and also get to grips with the zips, it’s secure, has ample room and tough

‘Sling’ to backpack option, space, rain cover

Clasps and zips can be awkward to use

What Digital Camera Score: 85%