Review of the Giottos MT8246B Carbon Fibre Tripod

Manufacturer: Giottos
Model: MT8246B Carbon Fibre Tripod
Price: £190

Finding the perfect balance between size, weight and stability is a difficult ask for tripod makers, but Giottos has come pretty close with this diminutive offering. Despite weighing just 1,000g (without a head) it extends from its closed height of 51cm to 124cm.

At its full extension it remains surprisingly stable, despite its relatively thin legs – a feat Giottos has achieved by using rigid carbon fibre for the four leg sections. It has also employed lightweight twist-type leg locks instead of the heavier quick-release type.

The legs can be splayed out to three lockable angles, enabling the tripod to be used as low as 21cm. Foam grips on each leg make it comfortable to carry, and while the aluminium centre column is quite short and can’t be used in the horizontal position, it features a useful hook on the bottom for hanging a weight such as your camera bag.

The MT8246B may be a bit light on features, but
it’s also light in weight, which is its main aim. As a light, compact
tripod for walkers or travellers it’s a good choice – if not a
particularly cheap one.

Very small and light, pretty rigid for its weight

Twist locks slower to use, limited column movements

What Digital Camera Score: 90%