Review of the Manfrotto 679B

Manufacturer: Manfrotto
Model: 679B
Price: £32.99

This black monopod has three sections extending from 64cm to 162cm – just enough for eye-level viewing for a six footer. Althou it’s not the lightest monopod on the market, it’s still light enough to carry around easily. The section locks are stiff and secure, and there’s little give in the monopod when at full extension. It’s ideal for an SLR with a medium telephoto lens, though the single-position head would require a ball head or lensmounted tripod ring for vertical shooting.

Sections: 3
Length: 64-162cm
Weight: 600g

Able to provide enough height and stability for a SLR with medium telephoto lens, the Manfrotto 679B would be improved by a more adjustable head.

Stiff and stable

Single position head

What Digital Camera Score: 85%