Review of the Slik Pro Pod 600

Manufacturer: Slik
Model: Pro Pod 600
Price: £39.99

Like the Manfrotto 679B, this monopod is quite heavy at 600g. It’s a three-section model extending from 53.5cm to 160cm, with sturdy aluminium legs. The leg locks are stiff and secure with a smooth unlocking action. It has a single-position camera mount head that limits camera orientation, and a deep foam grip for comfortable holding. This monopod is another good option for a mid-length telephoto lens/camera combination.

Sections: 4
Length: 53.5-160cm
Weight: 600g

A sturdy, if slightly heavy, monopod that is able to support mid-length telephoto lens and digital SLR camera combinations.

Sturdy, strong


What Digital Camera Score: 85%