What Digital Camera review of PPME Postcards

Manufacturer: PPME
Model: Postcards
Price: 99p

Sending postcards when you’re on holiday can be a chore. Step one: find a postcard shop. Step two: choose a postcard that isn’t too naff. Step three: find somewhere that sells stamps. Step four: spend the rest of the holiday wondering if you’ll beat it home. But that’s all in the past now.

With this new website you simply upload your own picture, or pictures (up to four per card) choose from a selection of templates, write a greeting on the front, your message and addressee on the back, and they’ll print your postcard and post it for you – from the UK, so it’ll get there quicker.

And how much does all this cost? Just 99p each, including the postage!

You’d struggle to buy a generic postcard and stamp for that, and with this system you and your family can be in the picture.

The print quality is adequate rather than amazing, but it does the job. The website is dead easy to use, you can send the same card to multiple addresses, and you can pay with PayPal, just like eBay. The only drawback is that you have to take your laptop on holiday with you (many of us do this anyway), or find an internet café – or sneakily wait till you get home.

A brilliant alternative to postcards with donkeys or over Photoshopped vistas on

Customisable, price, delivery from the UK

Have to be on the internet to use it

What Digital Camera Score: 85%