If you eschew chunky, heavy padded bags and want something a bit lighter the Adventure Messenger 1 may be the bag for you.

Manufacturer: Tamrac
Model: Adventure Messenger 1
Price: £50

We’ve looked at big bags, little bags, backpacks and pouches, but the Adventure Messenger 1 from Tamrac is more of a satchel-type bag. Able to hold an SLR body, a second lens and flash, or similar combination, the bag is a bit more streamlined than most, looking more like a, well, messenger bag.
The main section has tough internal dividers, while the front zip-up pocket can hold memory cards, notebooks or sandwiches. There’s also a small pocket in the front flap and a back document pocket. Thanks to its sleeved design, it could slip securely over the handles of a wheely suitcase. Finally, the bag has a phone pocket on the side. The strap also accepts Tamrac’s Strap Accessories.
A single clip buckle fastens the top flap, making it easy to open and access your gear, though I wouldn’t call it the most secure or waterproof system. It is adaptable, though: I’ve been using one as both a camera case and a briefcase – by removing the partitions, it’s ideal for books, paperwork, newspapers and sarnies for work.
Verdict: The black and red design may not quite be up to Crumplers’s funky looks, but it makes a change from regulation black or beige and looks as good on the street or in the office. To sum up, though, this is an ideal bag for the city or lightweight traveller, without looking like a camera bag.

Pros: Small, light, indiscreet

Cons: Not much protection

Score: 85%