Camera terms explained: guide to photo terms used and camera jargon

We look at the different terms associated with digital camera flash, including flash curtain sync, GN, PC sync, rear cutain sync, slow sync, sync speed, and TTL

We explain the various terms related to the connections on your digital camera, such as USB port, flash sync, mic, AV out, and HDMI

We explain the various terms associated with viewfinders, such as pentamirror, pentaprism, magnification, eyepoint and coverage

What are the different type of filters available for your digital camera and what does each one do? Our filters explained article covers graduated filters, ND filters, Polarising filters, and…

We explain various terms referring to the video mode in digital cameras

When it comes to white balance what do the various settings on your camera mean? We explain what is meant by terms such as manual, custom, auto, kelvin and preset

We explain what the different types of autofocus are, and what each one means, including, AF lock, contrast-detect, continuous tracking, cross-type, manual and phase-detect

What are the different types of camera sensors and what do they mean? Including full frame, CMOS, CCD, APS-C, LiveMOS, Foveon

Different image file formats explained, including DNG, JPEG, TIFF, PSD and RAW

We explain the the different aspect ratios often referred to in digital photography and what they mean inlcuding the aspect ratios 4:3, 3:2, 19:9 , and 6:6 / 1:1

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