Bowens Gemini


– 200/400 twin head brolly kit: £530
– 400/400 twin head brolly kit: £550

What’s Included:
– 2 Gemini 200
– 2 90cm Silver/White Umbrella
– 2 120° Wide-Angle Umbrella Reflector
– 2 Stands
– 2 250W Modelling Lamp
– 1 Sync Lead
– 1 User Guide
– 1 Canvas Carry Bag

We Tested: 200/200 twin head brolly kit
Price: £475


BowensBowens has been one of the top pro studio flash brands for decades, and even though these Gemini lights are at the budget end of the company’s range they still reflect that heritage in their tough-as-nails build quality. The heads are well specified, with fast flash durations and recycle times, a four-stop output control notched in 1/10th stop increments, auto power dump and proportional modelling lamp. The accessories are equally tough and attach firmly via the S bayonet system, though you only get two dish reflectors and two brollies with the Gemini kits – softboxes are extra and cost from £140 each.

The Gemini kit is the only one in this group that can be powered by battery packs, making them truly portable, though even the small Travelpak costs around £500, so it’s not a cheap option.

In Use
For what you get, this is the most expensive kit here, but the money is invested in build quality. They were the most powerful 200W/s heads in the group, by almost a stop. That said, it was disappointing to note that the slave cells failed to react when the main light was set to less than half power even with the room lights turned off.

Nothwithstanding the slave issue, these lights are well made, powerful and consistent; they would be a good choice for pros and other heavyweight users, but it’s a wonder whether the hobbyist needs this level of engineering and whether those kits that contain a bigger selection of accessories would be a smarter choice.

Our score: 87% Recommended


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