Nikon 1 J4 Review - The Nikon 1 J4 is the latest 1 series addition and arrives with a host of impressive shooting speeds as well as a newly-developed sensor.

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Nikon 1 J4

Overall score:88%
Image Quality:85%


  • Lightning fast continuous shooting; Excellent touchscreen; New chassis design is welcome


  • Issues with shutter noise and readout; Kit lens poor; High ISO performance


Nikon 1 J4 Review


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Nikon 1 J4 Review – Image Quality

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Dynamic range

One slight disappointment with the camera is its dynamnic range. The model doesn’t retain a great deal of detail in shadow and highlight areas, and this issue is exasperated in particular high contrast scenes.


On the whole the J4’s metering system is fairly reliable, with the camera delivering even exposures in a range of conditions. There is a slight tendency to underexpose, although it’s nothing to really worry about.


Although the J4 does feature a jump in resolution in comparison to its predecessor, the performance of the sensor in this regard is about in line with what you would expect for a camera of this type, keeping at a respectable level throughout the extended ISO range.


Performance at the lower end of the ISO scale is certainly respectable, and right up to ISO 800 you’ll have very little to worry about.

That being said, when you head above this ISO setting images certainly suffer from a loss of detail through aggressive noise reduction, and as such these settings are best avoided.

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