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The 20.3-megapixel Samsung NX200 doesn't do things in half measures. Is the latest NX-series CSC as good as it promises, or does the NX200 have its share of issues? The…


Our rating:  88%

See what we think of the Samsung MV800 MultiView in the What Digital Camera review...


Our rating:  88%

With a feature list that wouldn't look out of place on a camera £100 more expensive, the Samsung ST6500 certainly has the good on paper. Can the Samsung ST6500 impress…


Our rating:  81%

With a 5x optical zoom, HD movie recording a 3in touchscreen, how does this upper entry-level compact fare against its peers? The Samsung ST95 review finds out...


Our rating:  82%

The Samsung SH100 comes equipped with a touchscreen LCD and Wi-Fi for internet sharing and connectivity. The What Digital Camera SH100 review…


Our rating:  84%

The Samsung NX11 updates the original NX10 Compact System Camera of last year. Now straight from the box with i-Function lens compatibility, is this latest Samsung NX release enough to…


Our rating:  89%

The Samsung NX100 is the latest NX-series Compact System Camera. But with no flash or viewfinder, is there the demand for such a camera? What Digital Camera reviews the Samsung…


Our rating:  85%

Samsung's 14.2MP compact features a 7x optical zoom and 3.7in AMOLED touchscreen, but does it deliver?


Our rating:  85%

The Samsung PL80 is a 12 MP compact camera with a 5x optical zoom, and an impressively low price


Our rating:  84%

How good is the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone? Find out with our Samsung Galaxy S review


Our rating:  50%

An affordable pancake option for the NX series, with excellent image quality


Our rating:  87%

Can the Samsung PL80 exceed the expectations of a budget camera?


Our rating:  70%

The new flagship EX1 sets the bar for creative compacts


Our rating:  88%

The Samsung WB650 has a full specification which makes it one of the more impressive travel compacts on paper. However, how does it fare when put though the WDC test?


Our rating:  88%

Is the new Samsung NX10 the future of Micro System Cameras? The What Digital Camera Samsung NX10 review sees how it stands up against the established Micro Four Thirds system...


Our rating:  88%

With 10x zoom the Samsung WB500 offers a weighty zoom, but what are its images like? The What Digital Camera Samsung WB500 review...


Our rating:  84%

A 5x zoom mid-range compact for less than £110, the Samsung PL55 boasts a decent spec and stylish design. The WDC Samsung PL55 review finds out how it performs


Our rating:  80%