The Samsung NX11 updates the original NX10 Compact System Camera of last year. Now straight from the box with i-Function lens compatibility, is this latest Samsung NX release enough to push the range forward? The What Digital Camera Samsung NX11 review finds out…

Product Overview

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Samsung NX11

Overall score:89%
Image Quality:85%


  • AMOLED screen, improved AF, i-Fn concept, built-in EVF


  • Little change over NX10, occasional autofocus wavering, EVF could be improved (resolution and refresh rate to counter lag)


Samsung NX11 Review


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The Samsung NX11 – the latest offering in Samsung’s NX-series Compact System Camera range – hits the shelves almost exactly one year on from the original NX10‘s release. When we first saw the NX11 at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas we felt it was a minor increment over the original model – so does the Samsung NX11 have enough new points to make it worth shouting about?

Samsung NX11 review – Features

Samsung NX11

It’s difficult not to compare the Samsung NX11 to the previous NX10 simply because the two are so similar. This is very much subtle upgrade rather than overhaul territory, though the features are strong: a 14.6MP APS-C sized CMOS sensor capable of shooting from ISO 100-3200, a 3in AMOLED screen and 920k-dot Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) are among the most prominent points.

It’s the new i-Function (i-Fn) lens compatibility that is the bigger leap forward. This Samsung-only feature is a function button on the lens itself that can be used to control the most immediate settings, even using the lens’s focus ring to quick-select options if desired. The Samsung NX11 comes equipped with an 18-55mm i-Fn straight from the box and therefore aligns itself with what Samsung is pushing as the NX-series’ unique feature. It would seem that the fundamental point of releasing the NX11 is simply to get the i-Fn lens out to as many prospective users as possible.

There are some new shooting modes too, including Panorama mode for live panoramic capture, a sound and picture mode, plus Lens Priority that recognises the attached i-Fn lens and optimises settings accordingly.

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