A memory card built to withstand all manner of punishment

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Samsung Memory Card Plus


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It’s very rare that you’ll drop a memory card under a passing truck, leave it in seawater for 24 hours, and then place it next to a magnetic 13x stronger than a hi-fi speaker, but Samsung claim the Memory Card Plus can stand up to that level of punishment.

As a result we tested the 4GB SDHC version of the card to a similar level of harm, and found it to be more than up to the task. After stamping, dropping and striking the card repeatedly not only did it show little in the way of damage, but it also still functioned perfectly. The same sentiment could be leveled at placing the card onto a large magnet, and submerging it in water.

SD and CF cards are normally quite hard anyway, being that there are no moving parts, but with more tough cameras and waterproof housings available it’s gratifying to know if the kit fails your photos won’t be lost.


As the price isn't hugely over a standard card (around £10 more for the 4GB SDHC) it's well worth investing in one if you plan on doing some extreme sports shooting.