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The L700 may not have the looks of the NV range, but it holds its own in the sub £200 price bracket


Our rating:  86%

Samsung's i70 isn't so much a camera as a multimedia extravaganza


Our rating:  81%

10MP for £130 in 2007? Sounds like a bargain, but how does it measure up?


Our rating:  83%

Samsung's S630 is not the best-looking compact, but it has several other features to recommend it


Our rating:  80%

This wideangle 7.2MP camera features a touch-screen LCD that look good on paper… but what about in use?


Our rating:  78%

A budget camera with plenty of features and manual control


Our rating:  85%

The 10.1-megapixel Samsung GX-10 digital SLR was developed in partnership with Pentax and helps to redefine what consumers can expect for their money at this price point.


Our rating:  90%