Samsung's bridge compact, the Samsung WB2200F features a 16.3MP CMOS sensor and 60x optical zoom

The Samsung WB2200F is a 60x optical zoom bridge compact designed for photographers who desire a powerful optical performance combined with long battery life. With a 16.3MP BSI CMOS sensor at its heart, the Samsung WB2200F is all about allowing photographers to get closer to their subject. The WB2200F’s ISO range runs from 80-6400 and it shoots in the JPEG format only.

The Samsung WB2200F’s zoom lens features a variable aperture of f/2.8-f/5.9. It has the option to operate the zoom at double speed and at its widest setting the zoom lens is equivalent to 20mm. Full HD movie recording (1080/30p) is also available, with images and videos being displayed on a 3in hVGA LCD screen at the rear. The Samsung WB2200F accepts the BP-1410 battery, weighs 608g and supports both Wi-fi and NFC connectivity.

iFunction technology is also featured – the process whereby a user can tap a button to instantly control commonly used settings such as shutter speed, ISO and aperture. In addition, amateur and expert photographers alike can benefit from Smart Mode, a
range of automatic modes, which offer the ideal settings for any
shooting scenario. Whether capturing the beauty of a setting sun
with ‘Sunset’ mode or the excitement of a fast paced sporting event with
‘Action Freeze’ mode, Smart Mode does the work so that users can
concentrate on the quality of composition.

Pricing and availability of the Samsung WB2200F in the UK is still to be confirmed.