Samsung has introduced the slimline Digimax i6, alongside its new u2018Su2019 series of compacts.

Samsung has introduced the slimline Digimax i6, alongside its new ?S? series of compacts.
Billed as ?the world?s first Portable Media Player slim camera,? the Digimax i6 can capture photos up to 6MP, as well as playing MP3 music files and video.
Featuring a 3x optical zoom and 2.5in LCD, the 18.5mm deep camera can easily slip into a pocket, and to ensure a steady shot while shooting, the grip has been enhanced.
Advanced Shake Reduction (ASR) is designed to decrease the effect of camera shake, particularly when shooting in dim conditions without a flash, helping to produce sharp, clear photographs.
Retailing for around £230, other features include 1cm macro, a cradle for easy picture transfer (and charging) and in-camera movie editing.
Samsung is also introducing three point-and-shoot cameras into the new ?S? series. S500, S600 and S800 available with 5MP, 6MP and 8MP CCDs.
Features common to all cameras in the range include a 2.4in LCD, a mode dial enabling the user to quickly swap between shooting modes, and Effect Key for adding effects and changing the picture colour.
Available in black and silver, the cameras feature a 30fps VGA movie mode utilising MPEG-4 compression, with a pause feature and in-camera editing.
The Digimax i6 and ?S? series will be available early this year. The S500 will cost around £130, the S600; £150 and the S800, approximately £200. Find out more by calling 00 80 0122 63727 or by logging onto