Featuring a SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH 10x optical zoom lens and 6.1MP CCD, the Z650 is the latest addition to Kodaku2019s mega-zooming u2018Zu2019 range.

Featuring a SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH 10x optical zoom lens and 6.1MP CCD, the Z650 is the latest addition to Kodak?s mega-zooming ?Z? range.
The camera includes Kodak?s Colour Science processing chip, designed to produce portraits with true-to-life exposure and skin tones, and edge-to-edge sharpness and brightness. A range of manual and automatic exposure modes are found on the Z650 including aperture and shutter priority, 17 scene and five colour modes. Fast capture times are promised from the high-speed precision autofocus. The camera also includes a live histogram, first and last burst modes and 2in LCD screen.
Pictures can be stored on the camera?s 32MB internal memory. Among the in-camera editing features on offer are: cropping, automatic picture rotation, a blur alert and redeye reduction, while users can instantly tag pictures for emailing or printing using the ?Share? button. The Z650 is compatible with the Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock Plus, which can produce a 6x4in print in 60 seconds.
Retailing for £299.99, the EasyShare Z650 hits the shops at the start of February.
Kodak has also announced the EasyShare C663 Zoom; a 6.1MP compact with a 3x optical SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH lens and 2.5in LCD.
The C663 is the first digital camera to include Kodak Perfect Touch Technology, which is designed to improve the quality of pictures ? particularly those that are underexposed – by bringing out detail in shadow areas without reducing it in light sections of the photo. Kodak has previously used this technology in its printers and kiosks.
Carolyn Walsh from Kodak comments: ?Our latest innovation ? the addition of Kodak Perfect Touch Technology to the camera itself ? helps people take the best possible pictures, which they?ll be more apt to share and print.?
Other features include in-camera cropping, red-eye reduction and a blurred picture alert. Incorporating Kodak?s Colour Science image processing chip, 17 scene modes and five colour modes, the camera includes a VGA movie mode.
The C663 Zoom will be available from the beginning of March for £179.99.
In conjunction with Lexar Media, Kodak has also announced Kodak High Performance memory cards. Designed for high-speed processing of photos and video, the cards will initially be available in SecureDigital format in capacities of 512MB and 1GB.
Find out more about Kodak?s new products at www.kodak.co.uk or by calling 0870 243 0270.