Sony has introduced a new docking device that, in a world’s first, enables an attached camera to take pictures without human intervention.

The IPT-DS1 pans and tilts the camera to compose images as it sees fit, adjusts the zoom and focus to its taste, then uses a combination of Face Detection and Smile Detection to capture pictures at the optimum moment, such as when people are smiling.

Sony is marketing the device as being ideal for parties and events, where users want a photographic record but may be too busy enjoying themselves to want to take pictures themselves.

Or, we suspect, too drunk! All we need now is for the device to upload the photos to Facebook automatically as soon as they’re taken. Huge embarrassment potential all round, we think.

The camera is compatible with the new Cybershot TX1 and WX1 and is available from September. The price is expected to be around £130.

Sony Party Shot

 Sony Party-Shot