The new Personal Sharing Device (PSD) from Leyio hits the shelves today.

The Leyio PSD (Personal Sharing Device) allows you to share all your fave digital content wherever you are. The pocket-sized device transmits using ultra wideband radio technology (UWB) rather than wi-fi – the radio technology ensures low power consumption for a longer battery life; so you can share to your heart’s content.

With 16GB of flash memory the Leyio PSD has enough space to store movies, mp3s, and, well, any digital file you so wish to carry! Sharing can be made to other Leyio devices, but there is also a USB port on the PSD for quick extraction. The Leyio also features a detachable ‘Shuttle’, which can be used in the same way as a USB stick for direct computer hook-up.

Security is the order of the day too – Leyio has installed a fingerprint scanner to ensure secure personal access to you, and you only.

Available now, the Leyio PSD is available in pink, grey or black, priced at £159.