New improved versions of the popular Smooth Pearl and Smooth Gloss inkjet paper now available

These two papers that have been the stable of many professional photographer for many year have had significant upgrades to offer superior performance across Dye and Pigment printers. The results are sharper, whiter, with a wider gamut, denser base, and more natural highlights. 

The new and improved GALERIE Smooth Pearl and Smooth Gloss sheets have been created by the ILFORD research and development team to include a new optically controlled nanoporous layer and redesigned base. The media provides a full tonal scale from deep blacks through to crisp whites yielding an impressive HDR (High Dynamic Range). Professional photographers will appreciate the complete range of colours they can express with this new paper, providing the creative latitude needed to achieve breathtaking artistic results.

GALERIE Smooth Pearl and Gloss media is designed to make the most of the latest dye and pigment photo inkjet printers, and is fully compatible with even the newest machines on the market. Photographers will naturally gravitate to the new vibrant packaging created to reflect the clean and crisp images attained with the new GALERIE Smooth Pearl and Gloss.

The new sheets will remain at the same price as previous versions and will be available in 4x6in, 5x7in, A4, A3, and A3+ sizes. Promotional 25 sheet A4 packs will contain an extra 10 sheets while stocks last. 

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