Mat Gallagher

Mat Gallagher

The Pentax 645D: is Pentax’s first digital medium format camera with a massive 40MP resolution. So what does £10k of medium format camera buy you? The What Digital Camera Pentax…

The Fujifilm W3 is the second-generation 3D digital compact camera makes the world of digital 3D photography even more real

UPDATED 8th November, 2012. Released at the end of 2010 the Canon EOS 60D succeeded the EOS 50D that came out in 2008. Despite being over two years old, the…

What Digital Camera rounds up the events at Photokina 2010, the worlds largest photo show in Cologne

Canon updates their powerful G-series creative compact flagship with the Canon Powershot G12

Canon's popular 50D sees a replacement - the 60D, so what more does it offer?