Fujifilm has announced a couple of updated accessory grips for its popular X-E and X-Pro cameras

The new MHG-Xpro and MHG-XE grips provide access to the X-Pro and X-E cameras’ battery and card compartments, while also repositioning the tripod mount to be more central and adding some extra height to keep larger lenses clear when mounting.

The grips also provide a direct connection for Arca Swiss-style tripods, and a little extra weight in the hand. They replace the current HG grips and are available now, priced at $150 for the MHG-Xpro and $130 for the MHG-XE.

The MHG-XE grip

The MHG-Xpro grip mounted on an X-Pro1

The MHG-XE grip mounted on an X-E2

[Via dpreview]